On this page you can find the recent versions of the drivers, applications and manuals for our DSP24, DSP24 MK II, DSP2000 C-Port and DSP3000 M-Port audiocard systems. You can download the files from our webserver. If available, please check the readme notes for each separate download with installation intructions.

Download Version Size Date Note File
Drivers/Applications for Windows 9x/Me 6.2.1023 794kB 07/13/2002 readme
EWDM Drivers for Windows 2000/XP new 8.4 483kB 03/14/2005 readme
EWDM Drivers for Windows 2000/XP 8.2rc5 1.3MB 03/02/2004 readme
Drivers/Applications for Windows 2000/XP 7.3.1106b 671kB 11/06/2003 readme
Drivers/Applications for Windows 2000/XP 7.2.1014 668kB 10/14/2002 readme
Drivers/Applications for Mac OS X new 1.0.45 694kB 05/20/2004 readme dsp24_1.0.45.sit
Drivers for Windows NT 4.0 5.0.1022 266kB 06/26/2001 readme
Applications for Windows NT 4.0 3.5 3.1MB 01/29/2001 readme
manual addendum for EWDM drivers new Rev. B 843kB 03/02/2004 PDF dsp24ewdm.pdf
English manual (DSP2000 C-Port) - 2.6MB 07/14/2002 PDF dsp2000.pdf
English manual (DSP3000 M-Port) - 2.1MB 10/29/2002 PDF dsp3000.pdf
English manual (DSP24, DSP24 MK II) - 1.9MB 11/15/2000 PDF dsp24_english.pdf
German manual (DSP24, DSP24 MK II) - 1.9MB 04/02/2001 PDF dsp24_german.pdf
French manual (DSP24, DSP24 MK II) - 4.3MB 05/23/2001 PDF dsp24_french.pdf
Dutch manual (DSP24, DSP24 MK II) - 3.4MB 12/20/2000 PDF dsp24_dutch.pdf

If you have problems to download the PDF-files, please right-click on the download link and select Save target as .... You can use the alternative download location if you have problems during download. You can download older driver versions in our Archive.

Einige der genannten Waren- oder Firmennamen sind eingetragene Warenzeichen ihrer jeweiligen Hersteller und unterliegen daher den entsprechenden gesetzlichen Bestimmungen.