DSP24 Value

DSP24 Value
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The DSP24 Value is our very affordable professional 24bit/96kHz recording solution. This card is probably the most affordable 24bit/96kHz recording solution on the audiocard market today. The card is based on the hard- and software of the existing and sucessful DSP24 series of products.

DSP24 Value is no longer available and has been replaced by the even more advanced ESI Juli@.

Together with Logic SoundTrack 24 from Emagic the DSP24 Value is the optimal product for your first step into professional digital recording. The card supports 24bit at 96kHz with excellent audio quality and perfect frequency response. Two analog input and two anlog output channels with RCA connectors open a wide range of connection possibilites in home and studio envrionments.

optional DSP24 Value Bracket
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The device driver provides the same professional functions of our other DSP24 series products: perfect support for Windows 9x/Me and Windows 2000/XP including functions like ASIO 2.0 and GSIF (with multiclient-support) allow you to use the card with all common audio applications. With the low latency of just 2ms (at 96kHz and 5ms at 44.1/48kHz - or even lower values under Windows 2000/XP on fast systems) the DSP24 Value is perfectly optimized to be used with modern software synthesizers (such as GigaStudio or VST/DXi-Plugins) because you can play your sounds in realtime now. You can even use effect plugins (DirectX or VST) in realtime.

With the included AC-97 Codec and it's DirectSound support you can even replace the basic functions of a normal soundcard.

The optional DSP24 Value Bracket provides digital I/O connection possibilites (S/PDIF optical & coaxial) as well as one MIDI I/O port.


2 channel ADC (dynamic range 100dB[A]) via RCA input connectors

2 channel DAC (dynamic range 110dB[A]) via RCA output connectors

optional bracket with digital I/O (coaxial and optical S/PDIF) and MIDI I/O

systemsound-/monitor-output (1/8" mini-jack)

internal analog input for CD or aux signals

direct monitoring for input signals (zero latency, by hardware)

internal mixing, routing and monitoring software provided

Logic SoundTrack 24 (24bit/96kHz powerful recording software from Emagic) included

drivers for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP, ASIO 2.0 (typical latency can be lowered to 2ms or lower), multiclient-GSIF (GigaSampler/-Studio)

Controller Chip & Converters:

DSP24 Value card uses the IC Ensemble Envy24 I/O controller chip (ICE1712)

AKM AK4524 24bit/96kHz Codec for analog in- and outputs

DSP24 internal I/O for standard windows system sounds (mini-jack on card) uses SigmaTel STAC97xx 18bit AC-97 Codec (ADC & DAC) 95dB output S/N ratio (a-weighted)


The german KEYS magazine had a detailed look on the DSP24 Value in their December 2001 issue: "Exemplary is the implementation of the multiclient-support (...) on the DSP24 Value." / "(...) is the good deal DSP24 Value with solid configuration a recomendation for price-aware Windows users."


The australian PC User magazine tested the DSP24 Value in their October 2001 issue. As a result, the product received the PC User best buy award!

PC User magazine

The german online magazine Homerecording.de wrote about the DSP24 Value with digital I/O: "In conclusion I have to say that I am more than excited Hoontech DSP 24 Value Plus." / "The price/value is noticably good." - you can read the the complete article here (in german language).


PCM, the dutch magazine had a look on the DSP24 Value in their October 2001 issue: "This is a fine soundcard for the high demanding semi-professional." / "If you are looking for a good multitrack-harddiskrecording card for little money, this Hoontech (ST Audio) card is the right choice."


The dutch PC Active magazine reviewed the DSP24 Value in their september/2001 issue: "When you want to make music on a professional level, this card is an excelent choice." - as a result, the DSP24 Value was the only card in the test that recieved two pluses for soundquality and for the total result in the test.

PC Active

Andreas from TweaMax had a very detailed look on the DSP24 Value. You can read the complete review here. His comments: "2ms @ 96KHz!!! Need I say more?" / "Among all the hardware I have tested I must say that this is one of the most fantastic products I have ever seen." / "Exceptional latency response"


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